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Advisory Committee to Board of Directors of Dragon Claw Charity Limited

Susan Hughes

PAC Chair,
Director or Dragon Claw Charity,
Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2005, retired Career Development Practitioner, Sydney.
Co founder of Australian Network on Disability.

Dr. Charmaine Jones MD (AOA)

Retired Palliative Medicine.
Director of Dragon Claw, Co-Facilitator of Dragon Talks.
Patient with inflammatory autoimmune arthritis enthesitis exploring functional medicine.
A proud elected member of the American AOA Honour Medical Society - the motto is “be worthy to serve the suffering”. Ontario, Canada.

Andrew Thirwell

Lupus Patient,
Dragon Claw Board Member,
Director of
Corporate Affairs of Global Pharmaceutical Company, Sydney.

Dr. Robin Murray

Retired clinical neuropsychologist and educator in chronic pain management, autoimmune inflammatory patient, occasional Dragon Claw presenter on psychological topics and writer for DC newsletter.

Jill Berensen

Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient,
Retired Nurse of 40 years at Royal North Shore Spinal Unit, Sydney.
Regular writer on Covid19 research in DC Newsletter and on the National Consumer Advisory Committee for Arthritis Australia.
DC delegate for Patient Voice Initiative on Health Technology Assessment

Annette Guterres OAM

Diagnosed with RA in 2016
Retired High School Teacher, Hon Sec Aust. Bomber Command Assoc.
“RA has made life difficult, but one can still lead an active life.” Sydney

Jacqueline Morris

Diagnosed with RA at 23 years of age.
Involved in Patient Partner Program for RA to medical students in Sydney teaching hospitals.
Retired Language Specialist teacher, Sydney.

Charlotte Hill

Diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in London, UK.
Nutritional Therapist and Instructor.
Writer for DC newsletter.
Relocated to Australia.

Jan Frazer

Diagnosed with RA in 2018 at 77 years of age.
Personal trainer, actor and voice over professional, Melbourne, Australia.

Linda Gaudet, BscPhm, ME

Partner in Caring 30 year partner diagnosed in 2015.
Retired from 42 year pharmacy career in hospitals and community. Canada

Michelle Clewett

Co-Facilitator of Dragon Talks (Australia), Lupus patient, Aust. Government Education Department Manager, Canberra.

Cheryl Zubrack

Rheumatoid Arthritis patient as of 2021, retired teacher/consultant, visual artist, Winnipeg, Canada

Dr. Alex Pulkownik

Dr. Alex Pulkownik, university academic for over 40 years (retired), PhD in Ecotoxicology. Ex- coordinator of Patient Partner Prog. for RA to University of Sydney medical students; RA since 1994.