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Dragon Claw Charity Ltd supports Aboriginal reconciliation and seeks to create and foster mutual respect and trust in all our interactions with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, Communities and Organisations.

Dragon Claw acknowledges the Aboriginal nations and people on whose traditional lands we live and work on. We respect and acknowledge the traditional owners and the cultural significance and history of the land.

We are aware of the impact of the alienation and other forms of injustices, including the removal of children, the loss of land, the destruction of languages and culture, and the ongoing struggle for social and restorative justice. We identify Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as a specific audience in our charity work and source and produce information that is relevant to their health and wellbeing.

Through acknowledging and understanding past losses and injustices and through committing to redressing the social and economic challenges and ongoing racism, we will continue to move forward together to a better future.

When working with Regional and Remote Aboriginal communities we actively strive to understand the specific needs of the individual communities and their cultural sensitivities.

Our learning of what is appropriate is achieved through having a ‘yarn’ with Elders, Health Care workers, Community organisations and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of the community.

We are committed to maximisimg the participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the development and production of relevant projects. This includes using local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their business’ as often as possible.

We are committed to be free from racism and discrimination, to endure the growth of knowledge for all Australians and we embrace the unique and diverse cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the oldest continuing culture in the world.

Our Board reflects our commitment to equality with a mix of female and male members.

The directors involved in today-to-today management of our Aboriginal projects have completed cultural awarness education and are members of Reconciliation NSW. Dragon Claw is a Organisation member of Reconciliation NSW.