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Pillars – Introduction

Our 5 Pillars of Self Care

It’s important for those with autoimmune inflammatory disease/s or other chronic conditions, to actively manage the progression of your condition/s:

  • Your condition may fluctuate overtime
  • You are predisposed to complications: some from the inflammation itself and some from medications used to reduce inflammation
  • You are also at risk of developing other autoimmune conditions or other unless the underlying cause are controlled.

The Dragon Claw Pillars of Self Care have been chosen as these each identify mechanisms that you can take actions on to support your long term and short-term health to complement the medical treatment you already receive.

Many of the pillars are interrelated, and working on one will support you with another.

To help you gain a better understanding on how you are currently progressing on each of these pillars and what you may want to focus on in the future we have prepared a video that runs through this process.

This video is presented by our Dragon Claw member Charlotte Hill. Charlotte is a Nutritional Therapist and Instructor with a Sydney practice –